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Case study - Angel Face Wetherby

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The Brief

Cass Prentis is an Aesthetic Practitioner who has recently started her new company, Angel Face Wetherby.  As a start-up business she was struggling to find new clients other than by word of mouth.  She wanted a website to bring in new leads to convert them into clients.  

She had no logo and was looking for a brand that would really represent her persona and speak to her prospective clients.

The Approach

The first step was to identify Cass’ target audience as this would shape her whole brand and who the website needed to attract.  We examined other websites in the Aesthetic industry to establish design and layout features that Cass liked and we also looked at the competition to see how she could stand out from the crowd.

Angel Face Wetherby logo

The finished logo uses a sumptuous grey with white text and a golden halo above the ‘A’ for a sophisticated look. The font is fine and elegant.  The wings point upwards at the end to reflect how a client will feel uplifted after their treatment.

The colours and fonts from the logo are used in the website to create a consistent brand experience.  Aesthetics crosses both the medical and beauty professions so it was important to achieve a fresh, clean design for the website.

Before creating the content, Vinx Creative researched which keywords prospective clients are already searching for in Google and then targeted the content around those keywords to give the website the best possible chance of ranking highly in Google.

Having aesthetic treatment can be a daunting experience.  There are often horror stories in the press about when people have had treatment and it’s gone wrong.  The website is the perfect tool to build trust with a prospective client because it allows Cass to show which qualifications she has, which governing bodies she belongs to and who she is insured by. The website is educational for those looking to carry out research about the treatments before they have anything done and Cass puts people’s mind at ease by answering her most frequently asked questions online.  It also displays testimonials so you can find out what real people are saying about Angel Face Wetherby.  All this helps to convert site visitors to clients.

The Result

Angel Face Wetherby is now ranking number 1 in Google for many of the targeted keyword phrases. The website has proved to be a powerful tool in converting those visitors in to contacting the salon and booking a consultation.

Screenshot of Angel Face Wetherby ranking 1 on Google
Images of Angel Face Wetherby ranking number 1 on Google

Since the launch of my website I’ve really started to see my business take off.  It has opened my business up to a lot wider audience.  Not just in a geographic sense but also a broader cross section of society – to people who I would never have come into contact with via word of mouth alone.

I wasn’t sure at first what I envisaged my brand to look like but the design process at Vinx Creative meant the logo and website was tailored to me.  Emma made me feel comfortable to express my opinions and really listened to what I wanted to achieve.  I’m really pleased with the end result.

Cass Prentis

Angel Face Wetherby
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